Model UN Dates and Information

Students and Parents,

We are starting strong for Model UN!  Students are busy researching their world issues in order to write resolutions to solve them!  Our deadlines are as follows:

Friday, October 12               Rough draft of preamble clauses

Friday, October 26              Rough draft of operative clauses

Friday, November 2            Final draft of the entire resolution

NOTE:  Students must do some research at home because during this part of the year, we only have class three days a week,  and those are interrupted by clubs, UIL, and pep rallies.  

FYI:  As a heads-up, in order to promote the most professional atmosphere possible, Region 7 expects students to be on their best behavior AND to wear professional dress to competition, meaning boys will wear slacks or khaki pants and a polo or button-down shirt; girls will wear a dress or pants and blouse.  In addition, all dress must follow our school dress code (see the WOMS Student Handbook on our campus website).

Thank you all so much for your support of our efforts!


August 27-September 7

For the first few weeks, we will be working on summaries of world news and issues.  This is simply to have students begin to immerse themselves in the major happenings in the world and hopefully lead them toward a topic they would like to research when we start Model UN in a couple of weeks.  We will also participate in some creative and/or team-building challenges.  We have already completed the Marshmallow and Spaghetti tower challenge and a cup-stacking challenge.  Our plans for this week are as follows:

Monday–World News Article Summary #1 due at the end of class

Tuesday–begin working on article summary #2.

Wednesday–no class due to Wednesday schedule

Thursday–work on article summary #2–due tomorrow.

Friday–world news summary #2 due at the beginning of class; team-building challenge