PBL Time is Here!

Over the next several weeks, GT students will be participating in project-based learning.  They will choose the subject for their project from a website called Texas Performance Standards Project (texaspsp.org), which was created just for GT students and aligns with the requirements for GT students as per the Texas Performance Plan.

Our first task in this process is to create a proposal, which is linked below.

PBL Proposal Template

Proposals are due Monday, February 13.

Model UN Due Dates

Multimedia Projects                            December 2, 2016

Judged Resolutions                             December 2, 2016

Leadership Training                            December 5, 2016

Author’s Position Paper                      December 9, 2016

Map and Collage                                   January 20, 2017

Pro and Con Speeches                         January 20, 2017

 (Find digital template for these under MUN links in right-hand column.)


Model UN Competition Dates          January 26 and 27, 2017

Dress Code:  Students are to dress as professionally as possible and must follow the school dress code.  Region 7 suggests dress pants, slacks, and ties for the boys and business dresses or pants for the girls.  Any clothing that identifies our school is not permitted.

Lunches:  You will receive further information about lunches at a later date.

October Update on MUN

This week, GT students are in the process of concluding their resolutions for debate.  We turned in our preamble clauses last week, and now we are turning in the operative clauses so that I can review them and give any necessary feedback for revision.

Our next step is to begin working on an audio/visual project.  Students are to choose between the following two topics:

a.  “Current Country Profile”–presentation MUST include, but is not limited to, social, political and economic aspects of the country.  This topic is about the country–NOT a current global issue.

b.  “How Our Country is Affected by a Current Global Issue”–presentation MUST be country-focused and effectively relate how the country is affected by the global issue.

Students also need to begin writing their position papers, which is a persuasive speech in which delegates seek to gain supporters for their resolution.  A delegate will give this opening speech in the debate of his/her resolution if it is called to the floor.


Model U.N. Update

Parents and students,

For the past week, students have been researching world issues, gathering sources, and writing summaries of articles.  I have encouraged students to research the issue they hope to debate in Model UN so that these articles and information will be the basis of their resolutions.  Students have also chosen their groups and have submitted their top 3 country choices.  Next week, I have a meeting at Region 7 where I will draw for our top choices.  Sometimes we are lucky and get exactly what we want; other times, I have to get the next best thing.  Either way, as soon as I come back from that meeting, we hit the ground running in preparing our resolutions for debate.

Stay tuned for further updates!


Mrs. Velde

Remind App

Parents and Students,

If you have not signed up for my GT Remind group, please do so!  This is just another way for me to communicate with you about important dates and events!  You can get texts from me through Remind or you can get the Remind app which can push notifications to you.  Go to your text messages and text to 81010, type @f841 in the message box, then send.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Velde

Model UN Reminders!

Competition dates and location:  February 1 and 2, 2016 at ESC 7 in Kilgore, TX

  • Note:  Leaders will also attend session 1, which is at SFA in Nacagdoches, TX, on January 21 and 22, 2016.  Same dress code applies.

Dress code:  Boys–slacks, khaki pants, or suit; Girls–dress pants, skirts, or dresses (all skirts and dresses must be knee length); *refer to the student handbook on the middle school website.

Project due dates:

  • Author’s Position Speech–due January 8, 2016
  • Collages and Maps–due January 15, 2016.
  • Pro and Con Speeches–due January 22, 2016
  • Placards–due January 22, 2016

I will hand out permission slips and other forms after Christmas break.


GT Update


Students have now chosen countries for Model UN, so they will be working over the next few weeks on researching a global issue and writing their resolutions.  Again, they have about 30 minutes every day in class to work on this assignment, which should give them plenty of time.  As I have said before, only if they are not maximizing their time in class will they have to bring work home.  I will be sending a timeline of important Model UN dates and other information later this week!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Velde

Weekly Update in GT!


We have been working on immersing ourselves in world events by completing summaries of articles about major issues in the world.  Students read an article, and then they must record the basic information about the article, summarize the article in at least five sentences, and finally, explain in 150 words the significance of the issue on the world stage.  These summaries are preparing the GT students for our Model UN work.  We have plenty of time in class to work on these summaries, but if students are not maximizing their time in class, they will have to do the work at home.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Velde